Our Services



Initial Consultation                                                                                                                       FREE

Take advantage of this free discussion and learn how Heartwood Advocates will help you to navigate the healthcare system, improve conneection and comprehension, and provide you with the confidence to make truly informed decisions that will optimize you health.

Provision of a Customized Health Dossier                                                                               $500

At your request, our staff will acquire a comprehensive medical summary, and work with you to identify areas of concern and establish realistic and measureable health goals. This dossier can be provided to all those involved in care, to ensure clear understanding and communication with those unable to be supportive on a local level.

Telephonic Consultation                                                                                                              $120/HR

To failitate your care, Heartwood staff are available to you remotely, enabling prompt and professional guidance.

One on One conferences                                                                                                              $150/HR

For those who prefer a more personal setting, direct meetings are available, allowing visual learning, and feedback.

Support in a clinical setting                                                                                                            $200/HR

Heartwood staff can also accompany you to physician appointments, make support visits to the hospital, and be the "eyes and "ears of family that are unable to be at the bedside.

Research and Referral                                                                                                                  FEE VARIED

Questions about extended care placement, nutition, pharmaceutic treatments, rare dieases, or second opinions? We can help with that!



  • Perform physical exams
  • Make diagnoses
  • Order diagnostic tests, although we may suggest tests to discuss with the care provider
  • Refer to physicians directly, although we do recommend physicians when appropriate
  • Prescribe medicine or other treatments
  • Provide second opinions

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