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Our healthcare system has become increasingly complex and confusing. Customer service and support seems to be a thing of the past. It’s even more intimidating to those in crisis or alone. Heartwood Advocates is an independent healthcare advocacy agency partnering with our clients to ease their way through this complex and confusing bureaucracy. Your health drives everything else in your, career, finances, and happiness. Without it, your world changes dramatically. We understand that. Ensuring that you can attain your optimal level of wellbeing is our only focus. No more fragmented health records, miscommunication, misunderstanding, or lack of follow through. We make your health care personal again. 

To begin, our team will schedule an interview focused on you, your health history, concerns, and goals. During this intake interview we will hear you. Information gathered will be used to compile a complete health inventory, complete essential health documentation, and establish a clear path to wellness. After completion of preparatory work, you will be presented with a full dossier that includes an executive summary of your medical, behavioral, and dental history, Medical and financial power of attorney, Advanced Directives, a current list of medications and supplements (including doses and indications), goals, and concerns. 

Now organized and with a clear plan of action, next steps can be made. If preferred, our agent can accompany you to your appointments to ensure all the right questions are asked, answered, and reported to others involved in care, if requested. Debriefing and planning, post appointment will be reviewed with the client.  

Additional services provided at the client’s request, include, but are not limited to: facilitating and educating the client and family on newly diagnosed or rare diseases and their treatment options, identifying alternative and advanced health options, identifying clinical trials pertinent to you, coordinating auxiliary care, identifying next steps to long term situational living, continuity of care from hospital discharge,  

Upcoming events

Watch this space for information on free upcoming informational seminars with topics including Advanced Directives, Estate Planning, Nutrition, Senior Living options, Medical Billing, and wellness programs. Meet Scott Gesink of Heartwood Advocates to see how Heartwood's services can improve your well being.

What our customers have to say about us

Heartwood Advocates was a big help to me. When I can only see my doctor for 15 minutes at a time, I want to make sure that time is well spent. Heartwood prepared me and even came with me to the appointment. That's service!

-Charles P.

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Heartwood Advocates announce new office

We're excited to announce the opening of our new Medford office! 

We can be found at 4928 Crater Lake Avenue just off Vilas Road (behind Black Oak Medical).

 We're ADA accessible, but we can always come to you!

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We partner with you to understand your health concerns and goals 



We develop a complete healthcare package specific to you.



Our comprehensive support increases your overall wellness and understanding

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Scott Gesink RN BSHCS


 With more than 35 years of healthcare experience, Scott Gesink provides a depth of understanding not often found. Profound understanding gained through 25 years of critical care nursing, primarily in emergency care and a variety of intensive cares, including trauma, transplantation, medical, surgical, and neurological, also including cardiac catheterization labs, and interventional radiology, Scott understands not only the body, but also the person, and the organizational structure of healthcare they struggle to navigate. His professional life is not limited to acute care; he also has extensive experience from other perspectives. Previous endeavors include wound care, pulmonology, and bariatric assessments in partnership with hospitals and long term care facilities while representing Hill-Rom, laboratory services with Oregon Medical Laboratories, Analytics and Informatics of quality programs for the Medicare Advantage population during his five years as a Healthcare Advocate with Optum. Scott has held multiple roles in management including Assistant Director of Emergency Services, Clinical Supervisor, staff educator, mentor, and preceptor across Minnesota, Arizona, Oregon, and the United States Virgin Islands. He holds a diploma in Nursing from a Baptist hospital based program, and completed and Bachelors Degree in Health Care Services in 2002. He currently maintains his passion for hands on nursing at Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center in Clackamas, Oregon and lives Portland, Oregon. 

Mercedes Burley RN BSN


Admired by paients and coworkers alike, Mercedes demonstrates the perfect balance of professionalism, strong knowledge base, and compassionate care. Advanced training as a  forensic SANE nurse, and Clinical ladder III RN, Mercedes' kind but assertive nature provides a confidence and comfort to her  patients. Over a decade of experience in Emergency nursing enables her to navigate the diverse, complex, and unusual situations that patient often confront. 

Loris Eastman RN MSW


 Decades of experience as a case manager and care coordinator empower Loris to connect with patients and efficiently facilitate resources and direct clients to the answers they need. Her unique and diverse skill set ensures that family and patients understand the healthcare environment and close the gaps of care that put patients at risk after leaving the hospital.

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